HERstory: Lena


Meet Lena.

Medical Technology & Clinical trials, Mom of two, Grandmom of three, Community volunteer, Board Chair for large non-profit, Pacifist, Wanderlust-er, Pinterest enthusiast with no Pinterest fails.

“With a career in medicine for many years I wore the “uniform” of the industry. So, my off duty wardrobe has to express who I am. Fashion trends are always changing but once I found my style, that’s when I found comfort & confidence too.

Now it looks like the LBD is getting a run for the money by the LBT (Little Black Tux). I wouldn’t want to take anything away from the dress but I’ve lived in pants ever since I had my first child. The comfort & ease I felt running after little ones eventually morphed into stylish business attire and invariably to my evening wear as well.

Sometimes you just know you’re killing it. As Harry Winston said, “People are going to look. Make it worth their while”.