Hey, You!

You're a big deal.

And we want to work with you. You see, Tux Couture isn’t JUST about our beautiful, customizable tuxshedos. We are also all about the “we wear the pants, we’ve got the power, and we can do anything,” movement. We are about giving women a voice, and giving them a platform where people will listen.

This is why we reached out to YOU. Women look up to you, they trust you, and they want to be a part of the movement with you.

This led us to finding a way to collaborate. We have two tiers for collaboration, the recommendations and rewards are organized appropriately below. Tier 1 is for all of you gals who say, “YES, sign me up for this. I absolutely love what Tux Couture is about and I will authentically pour my little heart into this thing in exchange for my own powerful pantsuit.”

Tier 2 is for you ladies who say, “I like it, and I’ll totally share it. Let’s spread the love, every little bit counts.”


LET’S DO THIS - Collaboration Pitch Tier 1

By now, you should have received a nice little note from the creator herself, Yansi. Get ready for your new favorite, CUSTOM tuxshedo. The opportunities are endless. Download the deck below to get the trade nitty-gritty details, and then, let’s talk!

OKAY, GIRL. I’M INTO IT - Collaboration Pitch Tier 2

One thing we really pride ourselves on, is our fabrics. We have known our manufacturing partners for over 30 years. We are so close, they even named their daughter after Yansi (true story). You’ll get a girlboss scarf made of our touchable silk to tie in your hair, around your neck, on your bag, or whatever suits you. Request the deck below to chit chat trade and collaboration for this giveaway.

untitled-402 copy.jpg