Tux couture is a luxe collection of tuxedo separates custom made expressly for women.

Tux Couture began as a custom request from clients who needed something formal, yet classically cool, in their closets. The question? Why should only the men have it easy? The answer? A couture line of tuxedos with impeccable menswear detailing, yet made expressly for women. Silk satin linings with colorful piping, clever inside pockets and a wealth of options to be worn with or sans shirt, these tuxedos for women are made to order, tailored specific to the individual wearer. Each tuxedo is customized to the individual wearer and each piece as unique as the woman wearing it. The Tux Couture line answers the demand for an alternative to the little black dress. It’s also another option for the all black suit. The sleek look conveys power without losing femininity and commands attention in every setting. It’s the tuxedo that is suitable for women. Much has evolved from our very first prototype. After all, true luxury takes it's time and is always worth the wait.





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too tall for inseams offered in stores?

“I have a hard time finding pants to fit me properly because I am 5’10”. I was able to have my pants custom made to the perfect length and I can still wear heels!”

-Cathy T.

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Not a dress person?

“We were two brides getting married in eight weeks but had nothing to wear. Both of us wanted to look feminine but had no interest in wearing wedding gowns….bravo to Yansi, a fashion pioneer, who is unafraid to show that femininity is way more than a dress or a gown”

-Victoria C.

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Looking to stand out for an important event?

“I was looking for a bad ass tuxedo for my birthday party….It added a beautiful statement piece that I can use for special occasions.”

-Joy G.