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 Tux Dressing 101

                                                                                            follow the stars, from  Marlene Dietrich to Rita Ora, timeless and fierce.

Rita ora

Tuxedo at the airport? Rita Ora makes the look first class.
As Americans brace themselves for holiday travel season—it’s only a few weeks until Thanksgiving! —the need for a sleek yet comfortable airport look has never been more pressing. And earlier today, arriving at London Heathrow, Rita Ora put forward a new proposition for first-class style. The British singer has shown off her sporty side in bomber jackets in the past, though today’s outfit spoke to her more rock ’n’ roll sensibilities.
Sticking to black and white, Ora elevated her sheer top with a satin jacket that featured a built-in waistcoat. She added to that old-world vibe with tuxedo stripe jeans, and finished off the ensemble with star-covered booties and oversize gold hoop earrings. 

as seen in VOGUE magazine by Edward Barsamian  Photo: Splash News

blake lively

Celebrities often say and do the darnedest things. And, sometimes, they wear them, too. Last night, Blake Lively showed up to her The Age of Adaline film premiere in an ensemble that made our heads go all pug-litter tilt (in a goodway). 

But, here's the thing — while this outfit is stunning and glorious to see, it's nearly impossible to describe without making it sound insane. The outermost layer of this look is a modern tuxedo jacket-cum-dress that's slightly off-center and shows off a flash of thigh. Underneath is a totally sheer jumpsuit covered in stars, with a cowl-neck top. Tuxedo dress. Off-center. Sheer jumpsuit. Stars and a cowl neck? Yes, we know it sounds batty, but try describing the Mona Lisa without sounding like you're reading way too much into a pair of lips.

No matter which description you decide to go with, Blake killed it, and anytime we see someone dress outside his or her usual sartorial repertoire, we like to document the moment. Especially a moment that leaves us as bewildered — and starry-eyed — as this one.

as seen in Refinery29 by Landon Peoples

emma watson_whowhatwear.jpg


How to do menswear like a lady.

And, the most elegant way to dress for evening is...not a dress at all, actually. Ever since Yves Saint Laurent dropped his iconic Le Smoking suit in 1966, the tuxedo has been the last word in black-tie chic. Today, we pay tribute to its resurgence of how our favorite celebs, from Emma Watson to Ellen, have worn the lady tux, plus key tips for how to style it yourself. 

as seen in Refinery29 by Leeann Duggan