All Tuxes Are Made To Order, but if you are into something totally custom, we are all about it!  See your options below to Get A Completely Custom Tux With Custom Measurements + Custom Detail. The Sky Is The Limit.

A Tux Couture garment is as unique as the person wearing it, with many versatile features available for customization. These tuxedos for women exude power and confidence without stifling the beauty of the feminine spirit and shape. if you have an event coming up, or if you just have a dream fashion moment with a tuxshedo that doesn’t already exist, THIS is going to make your day. Keep in mind custom-work takes time. Plan accordingly.

How to order your custom tux?

1. Schedule a meeting with Yansi, herself, to discuss options. This could be anything from an entire tux made of pink silk, to an embroidered jacket with your logo. Yansi takes on any challenge and customizability is her specialty.

2. Measure yourself. Feel free to use the sizing guide page for more instruction.

3. Approve the quote and complete payment.

4. Watch your mailbox everyday for the most beautiful garment you will ever own.

Need some inspiration? Yansi can help with that, too!





“If there was no limit, and my custom tux could have sequins or lace, or embroidery. If it could feel soft like pajamas, if it could be leopard print, if it could fit like a cape. If I could design my wedding tuxshedo, if I could accept an award in a tuxshedo that says ‘You go, girl’…”



These are still made to order, but if you know your size, and are looking for a small variant of something we already have in our shop, this is for you.

“I’m more of a plain-Jane. Jane Bond at the most, undercover but stealthy. I like classic looks, but I wouldn’t mind arming myself with a little hidden inspiration, such as a printed silk lining, or an embroidered reminder on the inside of the jacket. Something like “You’ve got this.”

FEATURED ITEM: The Couture Art Scarf

"We Are Women" Art Collaboration 42" Silk Scarf

We are giving back to women in the arts. To do so, we conducted an art contest, where female artists could submit their original pieces for a chance to be featured on the FIRST EVER Couture Art Scarf.

The winner of the contest was 17-year-old Jenna Bellonby. 5% of the proceeds of all scarves sold go back to Jenna to pursue her future in art. The rest of the proceeds go to for women everywhere to connect and change the world.

This 42” scarf will be LIMITED in quantity and availability. We suggest pre-ordering these as soon as possible to get them for the holidays.

Put on your POWER, ladies!