"We Are Women" Art Collaboration 42" Silk Scarf

"We Are Women" Art Collaboration 42" Silk Scarf


We are giving back to women in the arts. To do so, we conducted an art contest, where female artists could submit their original pieces for a chance to be featured on the FIRST EVER Couture Art Scarf.

The winner of the contest was 17-year-old Jenna Bellonby. 5% of the proceeds of all scarves sold go back to Jenna to pursue her future in art. The rest of the proceeds go to womenarts.org for women everywhere to connect and change the world.

This 42” scarf will be LIMITED in quantity and availability. We suggest pre-ordering these as soon as possible to get them for the holidays.

Put on your POWER, ladies!


We are ordering a limited number of these right now. If you would like to pre-order, please check out as usual. You will get an email when your item has shipped.