the tux couture story


Tux Couture began as a custom request from clients who needed something formal - yet classically cool - in their closets. And after three years of careful design planning, Yansi Fugel is proud to introduce a couture line of tuxedos with impeccable menswear detailing...made expressly for women. 

The philosophy is simple, to make beautiful clothing that is both timely and timeless, using high quality materials
and workmanship; clothing that is empowering and imbues confidence. When you feel beautiful you are powerful
and this is a legacy to pass on to our daughters in the garments themselves as well as the perspective of how
clothes should serve us. Tuxedos for women. In this moment in time, we are turning a corner. Men are joining the feminist ranks too, and we are all supporting equality.

Why should only the men have it easy?

With beautiful silk satin linings and colorful piping, clever inside pockets and a wealth of options, these tuxedos for women are stunning on the hanger and breathtaking on the body. These fine garments are appropriate for special occasions, evening wear, formal attire, or daily professional wear, and can be worn with or without a shirt for an extra un-layer of feminine allure. Each tuxedo is customized for the individual client.

bespoke tuxedos for women

Because each garment is individually crafted, the opportunities for customization are plenty, including the color of the silk satin lining and even personal embroidered wording on the inside of the jackets. Just as the female body is very different from the male, tuxedos for women should be made to express the feminine shape, and Tux Couture garments retain the masculine power of a male tuxedo while exuding femininity in all the right places.

iconic & timeless

From Garbo to Dietrich to Jagger and Gaga.

powerful confident & fearless

Jane Bond anyone?

sustainable luxury

Who needs 20 cocktail dresses when you park a versatile tux in your closet? Just switch up tops under your tuxedo jacket and go to town. or, wear with jeans, leather pants or skirt...the possibilities are endless.

minimalist aesthetic

Marie Kondo would heartily approve. 

comfortable and unfussy

Dancing is best in pants and nothing beats having pockets.