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Morgan came to us asking for a one-of-a-kind look for her bridal shower that was held at a country club in New Jersey. We custom made this stunning white lace tuxedo with sexy slits for added drama.

Leandro Da Silva Photography

Leandro Da Silva Photography


Engagement Elegance

Deanna wanted something unique yet romantic for her engagement photo shoot in NYC. We created this one-of-a-kind lace long sleeve train that she wore over a skinny cigarette pant. Elegant and sexy all in one piece.

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last minute hers and hers

Victoria and Dawn were set to marry in just 8 weeks. Neither wanted to wear a gown so we created an elegant blouse and skirt for Victoria and a fitted vest and pant for Dawn with a train that was easily removable for dancing at the reception.

HS Studios Photography

HS Studios Photography

Feminine fortitude

Our classic white tuxedo retains the masculine power of a male tuxedo while exuding femininity in all the right places. Feeling feminine doesn’t always come in the form of a gown.